The  Pentland  Family  Crest
The badge of the Pentland family is a red lionshead with a silver collar charged with three red cresents.   The name "Pentland" derives from the Norse name Petland or Petlandi which meant "the land of the Picts".   The Pentlands came from the Highlands to the south of Scotland many hundreds of years ago, where they had a Castle and a Barony which later became the property of Sir William Sinclair.   In 1633 the Sinclairs sold the Barony of Pentland to the Gibson family who held the property into the twentieth century.   All that remains today of Pentland is the church yard which contains an old family vault of the Covenators who were slain at the Battle of the Rullion Green in 1666.   In America, somewhere around 1700 the name "Pentland" became "Penland".