Welcome to the Penland Historical Society Web-Site!   If your name is Penland, Pendlum, Pendland or Pentland, we are all related.  The  ancestor of the first three was named Pentland, and  descended from a family in Scotland, from around 1200 AD.  We believe that ancestor arrived in America prior to 1650.  The PHS was organized to 'track' the descendants of four men (William, Robert, George and Alexander Pentland) who migrated to North Carolina from Pennsylvania during the 1700s.  They dropped the 't' and spelled it 'Penland,' as did all their descendants. (That's why the listings only show it that way.)  If you have any information about the early members of the Pentland family in America, we'd love ro hear about it and share it with everyone.  Please send and, or contact Charles Penland at 
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 Effective 1 January 2021 William C. (Chris) Penland will become President of the Penland Historical Society, Inc. and administrator of this web site.  Chris lives in Buford, Georgia - he is a retired National Guard member and has worked extensively with computers.

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