Penland Family Pictures
John & Tine Penland moved from
Polk County, Tennessee to near Thomas, Oklahoma in 1921.   On a bright Sunday afternoon in 1945 they gathered with their three children ( back row: Eula Aley, Nora Murray & james Penland).  Standing by James is his mother Tine, and on her left is son-in-law John Murray with son Billy Wayne Murray.  In front, left to right, are Mary Katherine Aley; Phyllis Marie Penland; John Edward Murray  and in front of their Grandpa John, James Edgar Penland & Charles Eugene Penland.  [note: James is holding up a clothes line to get it out of the picture]   John was the son of Noah, son of James, son of William, son of George & Anne Penland 
William David Penland & his wife
  Hattie Florence Morrow
John Harrison Penland, his wife Tine Williams & their children
David & Hattie were Married in December 1913.  They lived much of their life in Knoxville, Tennessee. They had twelve children: two daughters, Virginia Ailene & Iva Lee; and ten sons, Luther Curtis, Ernest McKinley, James Beecher, Grover, David Ray, John William, Orman Gene, Delmar, Vernon Mitchell and Garlon Daniel Penland.

David was the younger, and only surviving brother of John Penland, above.  He and John had six sisters:  Mary Jane, Maggie, Amanda, Sallie Elizabeth, Mattie & Anna Penland   
John W. Penland
This is John W. Penland.  Does anyone have a clue as to where he fits in the Penland family tree?
We may have solved the mystery, Thanks to Don Penland!   We now believe that John was the son of
James Wilburn Penland & Barbary Caroline Taylor.  He was born in North Carolina in December 1853 & died in Buncombe County, NC after 1920.  He and his wife Emma had nine children.  They were Herbert Therman, Ova, Carrie, Mackey Oten, Shirlie, Ardie Ladell, Twitchell Napoleon, Shufford G., and Wannes Grady Penland.   We would love to hear from anyone connected to this family and have you verify that this information is correct!
Milton Pickney Penland
{He was born to Henry and
Elizabeth Branch Penland
on December 7 1813.  He married AltheaColeman on December
12, 1843}
Born December 20, 1814 in Buncombe County N. C., and he died in Cocke County Tennessee in 1895 at the age of 81.  He was the son of  Abraham D. Penland and the Great Grandson of William Penland, Sr.  He and his wife Nellie Justus had
14 Children.
Mary Frances was born about 1853, and was the 5th child of John Jackson Penland and his wife Nellie Justice.
Sina Eunice and her twin sister China Alice were born about 1866.  Sina was the 11th child of John Jackson and Nellie Justice Penland.  She married Lewis Steven Trotter.
Aaron Wesley was born December 27, 1871.  He was  the 13th child of John Jackson and Nellie Justice Penland
  Jacob  O' Dell
Jacob was the husband of Sarah Ellen Penland, a daughter of John Jackson & nellie Justice Penland
John Harrison Penland & His Wife Tine Williams
John was born in 1877, the son of Noah Penland &  his wife, Thenie Armstrong.   He married Tine in early 1901.  Their first child was born in 1904 while they were on a trip to south western Oklahoma to visit his three uncles, Freeland, John Harrison and Joseph Henry Penland.  His Uncles had moved there in the 1890s, well ahead of Oklahoma becoming a State.  John & Tine raised two daughters and one son.  They retired after several years farming and lived in Weatherford, Oklahoma until their deaths.  They are buried in Mound Valley Cemetery in Thomas, Oklahoma.
  { This photo was taken in 1945, two years before John's death at age  70} 
The picture at left is of John Harrison Penland and his son, Ira Leslie Penland.  John was an early settler in southwest Oklahoma, after leaving east Tennessee in the late 1890s.  He was a grandson of the William Penland who first married Mary Casey, but a product of William's second family over in Cocke County, Tennessee..   Two of John's three brothers (James Freeland & Joseph Henry) also settled  nearby in southwestern Oklahoma at about the same time.   Then, Oklahoma was known as "Indian Terriotory".    About 25 years later John's Nephew from Tennessee  re-located his family to an area aboiut 100 miles west of Oklahoma City (This was 14 years after statehood.).    It is believed that for many years these four related families were the only Penland's in the state, and were certainly among the earliest to move west.

However, when William Penland disappeared shortly after 1819 and Mary Casey remarried, she & her husband, William Clift, along with several of their children migrated to  Kansas/Missouri.  This would have been about 50 to 60 years before Oklahoma became a state in 1907.    Clearly, these Penland
children were the earliest family members to go west.  Years later many more Penlands from this same family migrated to California.     
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