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       1 October - 31 December  2010
                                            Old  Pentland  Village

Just off the A701 road opposite the opening from IKEA there is Pentland Road, this leads to Pentland Village, this is a very small village and more like a hamlet but this is not the original village.   The original village was further up the 701 near Bilston, in one report this was looked upon as the original Roslin Village, bearing in mind that Rosslyn Chapel had not been thought of until around three hundred years later.

The setting of where the little chapel stood is very tranquil with a wonderful view all around, where the chapel once stood there is a Mausoleum to the once strong Gibson family.   The chapel came under the command of Holyrood Abby that was run by the Augustinian Monks around 1128, the old parish of Pentland included the Barony of Roslin.   In the year 1296, a Stephen de Kyngorn was the parson  of Pentland chapel, he swore fealty to King Edward I of England to have his goods that were forfeited restored, what he had done I am not sure of at the moment, he may have been against Edward at one time.   The old parish of Pentland was mainly owned by the St. Clairs (Sinclair), as time passed by the land  eventually fell into the hands of the Gibson Family around 1633.  The Gibsons also had Sheriff hall where the large roundabout is today, on the road to Dalkeith you can see a wonderful tower that remains, sadly the rest of the building did not survive.

Prior to the reformation in 1560 John Knox was a Roman Catholic Priest, having travelled to Geneva for lessons from Calvin he was soon to start his preaching's in Scotland.   In 1540 Sir David Hutchesone was pronounced a Reformer he was denounced for heresy and all his goods were then gifted to Sir Oliver
St. Clair of Roslin.   The second incumbent was Sir John St. Clair of Roslin son of the latter, he eventually became Dean of Restairig, Bishop of Brechin and then Lord President of the Court of Session.   He conducted the marriage of Mary Queen of Scots and Darnley in Jult 1565.

Eventually the Reformation arrived and Pentland was given a Reader from Lasswade till around 1590, soon
after a Minister arrived by the name of George Lundy, he was harassed so much by the St. Clairs and Dryden even to the detriment of his life that he sickened and eventually died in 1592.   In 1592 after Lundy died Pentland church ceased to be a parish and worship was no longer held here, due to this the little church fell into ruin.  In the old Gatehouse or Guardhouse there are at least two Knights Templar stones and at least one Abbots stone, another Knights Templar stone was removed from the graveyard and put into the safe custody of Rosslyn Chapel, it now lies in the Crypt with the stone found at Temple.
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  Kathryn  Penland Weaver
Mt Pleasant, N. C. / Weaverville  --  Kathryn Penland Weaver, 80, of Mt. Pleasant, NC  died Saturday,
October 23, 2010.   Mrs. Weaver was born December 15, 1929 the daughter of the late Elwin M. and
Maude Robinson Penland who lived in Buncombe County.  She was a graduate of Lee Edwards High School and attended Brevard College.  She and her husband,  John G. Weaver owned and operated the Western Auto Store in Weaverville.   Later, she worked with Revco Pharmacy, now CVS, for over 20 years.  Her husband, John G. Weaver died in 2000.  She is survived by a daughter, Kathryn Ann and her husband, Marshall Tomsick of Mt. Pleasant;  a son, Greg Weaver and his wife, Brenda, of Charlotte;  Sister in Law, Elizabeth Penland;  three grandchildren;  and one great - granddaughter.   A graveside service was held on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 at West Memorial Park in Weaverville.

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Ruth Lewis Penland
Ruth Lewis Penland passed away on 16 October 2009.  She was 99 years of age and a charter member of the Penland Historical Society.  She attended many of the Penland reunions in Hayesville and the surrounding area and always looked forward to them.   Her husband Buster L. Penland, descendant of Robert Penland.  Ruth lived a very active life, attending church until the last year of her life, even though she spent much time in a wheelchair.  She was Georgia born and bred, but always looked forward to visiting the North Carolina Mountains.
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Hope Everyone Had a Great Thanksgiving!!
If your family had a "special Thanksgiving" and you are willing to share it with the rest of us, please send some photos and a paragraph about it to  < > !  Even with all the problems, we still are blessed to live in the greatest nation the world has ever known.   Let's all pray that God continues to bless us throughout the year!
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You will remember that DNA tests for Charles & Phillip Penland, when compared to each other, were almost identical proving that they had a common ancestor about four generations ago.   That comes very close to meaning the William Penland who married Mary Casey in 1811 in Roane County, Tennessee was the same William Penland who settled in Cocke County, Tennessee and was listed on the 1830 census with a wife named Margaret and several children.   Of the four brothers, William can only be a son of George & Anne (Alexander) Penland (based on extensive seach of all other William's), so we tested a descendant of George, not directly in William's line,  John Arthur Penland.  In addition, we tested Joe L. Penland, a descendant of Robert Penland,  &  Stan Penland, a descendant of William Penland.  We have not yet found a descendant of Alexander to test.   In looking at the Y-Chromosone matches, the Laboratory Officials say that overall when compared to others, a difference of 1 to 2 matches mean there is a very close relationship (they all have a common ancestor).
Following is a table of the test results for our five testees:

                                                                  DNA Test Results
Name                          Penland Line    (Matching Markers)      Likely Linked Within:
Charles Penland             George                    42 / 42
Phillip Penland                George                    42 / 42                   4  -  generations
John Arthur Penland      George                    40 / 42                   16 - generations 
Joe L. Penland                Robert                     40 / 41                   11 - generations
Stan Penland                   William                    40 / 41                   11 - generations
{Each of the people tested were compared to Charles' markers.  These tests do not prove that the 4 brothers are in fact brothers, but it does say that the above descendants of the three brothers named all have a common ancestor}
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Many of our senior friends & PHS members have passed away this past year.  If you grew up in the 1920s, 30s we want to hear how you found life in America then.  Did your mail come by horseback?  Did you have electricity,
running water, bathrooms, automobiles, etc. during that time?  People today enjoy conveniences that one could only dream of back then.  We would love to receive "your story" so we can share it with our younger members and those who are searching for their Penland ancestors.  If you haven't already done it, write it down, or get someone to write it for you and send it to
< >
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Patrick  Stephen  Lasseigne   Born  7 December 2010
Huntsville, Alabama   --   Patrick Stephen Lasseigne
was born on 7 December 2010  to Joshua & Brittany
(Penland) Lasseigne of Huntsville.  Patrick is the first
grandchild of Patrick & Tawnya Penland of San Antonio,
Texas.   He is the first great grandchild of Charles &
Phyllis Penland, also of San Antonio.
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Mike & Kim Penland invited other family members to join their family on a Christmas cruise 18 thru 25 December.  His sister Rhonda & brother Patrick and their families were unable to join them, but Mike's sister Jennifer & Husband Mark, and his parents, Charles & Phyllis Penland did join them.  At left they are posed  in front of a picture of the "Norwegian Sun" the ship, on which they were sailing from Port Canaveral, Florida.  Back row: Charles, son Sean, Mike & Ryan Shenkle (friend of Daughter Ashley).   Front Row:  Daughter Rachel, Phyllis, Edina Ramatahal (friend of Sean), Kim& Ashley Penland.  Jennifer & Mark boarded later & missed the photo opportunity.  A great week of family fun, visiting and activity was had by all! (Sean provided the green shirts)
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    ASHLEY PENLAND  &  RYAN SHENKLE                                      ENGAGED!
On the first night of the above cruise Ryan Shenkle proposed to Ashley Penland, and she said Yes!   Christmas, and the Cruise Ship "Norwegian Sun" provided the romantic setting for his proposal!  Her parents Mike & Kim had already given their blessings to Ryan and knew about his intention to propose to Ashley on the cruise.   Both Ashley and Ryan live in Houston, Texas and have been dating for the past two years.   The date for their marriage ceremony has not yet been announced.