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    Notice - Volunteer Needed!
10 years ago I was asked to be the President of the Penland Historical Society, Inc. (PHS).  Since then I have tried to continue to find and report to you all the information I could find about the early years of the Penland (Pentland) Family in America, and earlier in Scotland.  We know that in the 1700s four men named Pentland (William, Robert, George & Alexander) migrated to North Carolina and their descendants thereafter, all spelled their name as 'Penland'.  Later, a descendant of Alexander changed their spelling to 'Pendlum' & because a census taker in Tennessee in 1830 wrote the name down as 'Pendland' - we now have people named Pentland, Penland, Pendlum & Pendland evolving from our original ancestor named Pentland who came to America prior to 1650!  But, we are all parts of the same family tree.  [Until 10 years ago the PHS information was only available to paid members.  I believed the information should be available to everyone, so I created this web site and allowed anyone 'searching' to access it.]  

I have enjoyed my stint as President, but now I find I am approaching what most might consider the really 'senior citizen' state as I am approaching age 84 (difficult to accept in a way, but realizing I have been alive for one third of the country's existence & the fact that my grandfather was born 12 years after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated kind of confirms the point.)  The fact is, the PHS needs a new person in charge, and it needs to happen before I might suddenly not be available to transfer it. Therefore, If you might consider replacing me, I'm asking you to contact me as soon as possible to discuss it!  Failing to find someone to replace me in the near future could mean that this web site may disappear forever.  
                   ..... Charles Penland, President [cpen1936@yahoo.com]  

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The new movie "Midway" is currently being shown on screens around the country.  The 'Battle of Midway' was an important event in the War in the Pacific during World War II.  If you watch the movie, you will see the name of a Lt. J. R. Penland listed as one of the naval pilots.  We have discovered some information about him.
           Lieutenant Joe Robert Penland 
        "The Battle of Midway"  4 - 6 June 1942
Lieutenant Joe Robert Penland was born in North Carolina on 21 October 1911.  He graduated from the United States Naval Academy - Class of 1935.  In June of 1942 winning the Battle of  Midway became a 'turning point" in the World War II effort against Japan, who had attacked 'Pearl Harbor' on 7 December 1941.  Lieutenant Penland, a naval aviator by then, played a major role in that battle.  [The Midway Islands were first claimed for the U. S. in 1859.  The 2.4 square miles of islands were formally annexed by the U.S. in 1867.  That area first became a coal depot for transpacific steamers, but was rarely used.  In 1903 President Theodore Roosevelt gave the Navy administrative control of the Islands.  They became a connecting point for submarine cable being laid between Hawaii and the Philippines, and by 1935 it had become a regular stopover point for transpacific air flights.  By 1940, work had begun on a major submarine base and by 1941 three runways and a seaplane hangar had been built.  Japan recognized that control of Midway would be critical for their plans for expansion in the Pacific.  They knew that they could then cut the American supply lines between  Hawaii and Australia crippling the allied war effort and open the Pacific for their further conquest.]  Twelve hours before their attack on Pearl Harbor the Japanese destroyers 'Sazanami & Ushio' bombarded the power plant on Midway.  U.S. Intelligence had discovered Japanese plans and had time to prepare their defense but Admiral Nimitz, the Commander could only muster two heavy carriers, 'Hornet & Enterprise' and no battleships.  A third carrier, the 'Yorktown,' which had been seriously damaged in the Battle of the Coral Sea was limping back towards Hawaii (the Japanese thought they had sunk it)  and was thought to require weeks to repair it.  Miraculously, in less than 72 hours it was repaired and sailed to join the two carriers and 18 destroyers about 350 miles northeast of Midway.  The intense battle went on for three days with many casualties on both sides.  Lieutenant Penland was the Commander of bomber unit 6 which consisted of about 15 planes.  He and his men dive bombed the Japanese vessels furiously for three days.  one of his action reports after an engagement described it this way:    "The leader delayed his attack momentarily.  He observed misses near the 'left hand" CV, and decided to dive on that target.  While in his dive he observed several hits on that target, starting fires.  He scored a direct hit in the middle of the carrier with his 100 lb. bomb and other 100 lb. bomb hits were scored by planes following him.  That CV appeared to suffer internal hits and little of it was left visible in the midst of high flames and smoke."  As a result of his leadership and accomplishments during the battle of Midway, Lieutenant Penland was recognized with the award of the "Navy Cross." 
Joe Robert Penland completed his service in the U.S. Navy and retired as a Captain (same as Colonel in other services).
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 Velda Lenora Pressley Penland    (1933 - 2019)
 Velda Lenora Pressley Penland, formerly of Lenoir, NC, passed   away peacefully on July 4th, 2019.  Mrs Penland was born in   Asheville, NC on December 3, 1933, the daughter of Dwight   William and Mary Lenora Wines Pressley.  She was educated in   the Buncombe County School system having graduated from   Lee Edwards High School in 1952 where she was an active   member of the school chorus, the glee club, served on the   student council and was a long time drum majorette.  Mrs   Penland married Paul Lee Penland on September 18, 1955.  They  moved to Lenoir, NC in 1961 where they resided for the next 48 years.  Mrs Penland is survived by her children and their spouses who include Deborah Penland Morrison and her husband, McDonald "Mack" Morrison, Jr. of Raleigh, NC; Michael Eugene Penland and his wife, Rebecca Duffie Penland of Columbia, SC, and Tracey Nelson Penland and his wife, Michele Picard Penland of Little River, SC.   Mrs Penland is also survived by her five grandchildren, Sarah Katherine Morrison, Caroline Lansing Penland, Anna Pressley Penland, Lauren Nicole Penland and Haley Penland Whaley, as well as numerous  nieces and nephews.
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 Marie Beachboard Penland     (1934 - 2019)
Marie Beachboard Penland, 85, passed into the arms of Angels on Friday, September 13, 2019 at the Elizabeth House.  Many remember Marie by the things that she was most passionate about:  clogging, gardening,  or spending afternoons on her front porch entertaining friends and family.  Or, they may remember her as a dedicated employee, working for 24 years at Pisgah Manor as a Certified Nursing Assistant.  Marie was a native and lifelong resident of Buncombe County, and a lifetime member of Mount Moriah Church.  She was the wife of the late Lloyd Penland, and daughter of the late Oscar and Chetta Lanning Beachboard.  She was also preceded in death by three brothers, Wayne, Hubert, and Ray Beachboard;  and three sisters, Eva Mae Sisk, Pansy Rhodes, and Barbara Conard.  Marie is survived by three daughters, Deborah Penland Hilton, and her husband, Bruce, of Candler, Jennifer Penland Hensley, and her husband, Mark, of Candler, and Amy Penland Judd, and her husband, Jamie, of Candler;  a brother, Herbert Beachboard, and his wife Dixie, of Candler;  eight grandchildren, Andrea Whitt, and her husband David, Tommy Tomlinson, Lisa Story, and her husband, Craig, Lorna Hollifield, and her husband Kimsey, Nicole Hensley, Grayson Hensley, Avery Judd, and Emma Judd;  and four great-grandchildren, Christopher Riddle, Andrew Riddle, Madison Whitt, and Evan Gough;  and many cherished nieces and nephews.       
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 Kristy F. Penland          (1958 - 2019)
Kristy F. Penland, age 61, passed away at the Haywood Regional Medical Center on Wednesday evening, September 18, 2019.  Kristy was born and raised in Flint, Michigan until she was 23 years old when she moved to the mountains of North Carolina.  Recently, she moved to Canton to be closer to her grand children.  She was a vivacious lady who took time to enjoy the little things in life, lived simply and loved deeply.  Kristy worked in the restaurant industry for over 20 years in management.  She was proud to be able to work and have the ability to put a smile on many faces.  She also took great joy in reading, quilting, making crafts and showering family and friends with gifts.  Kristy loved spending time with her family, her husband, children and especially her grandchildren.  Kristy was preceded in death by her father Bernard Douglas Furze.  She is survived by her beloved husband of over 30 years, Glen Penland;  one son, Zachery Penland and his wife Natasha, her daughter Kathleen Penland, her mother Terry Furze and step mother Patricia Furze;  five siblings, Kerry Furze, Doug Furze, Kelly McPeters, Brian Furze and his wife LeAnn, and Brendan Furze, three grandchildren, Ezra Edwards, lexis and Amelia Penland and a grandbaby expected in the spring;  she is also survived by her husband's parents, sisters and numerous extended family and friends. 
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Doris Marie Penland Hunter     (1928 - 2019)
Doris Marie Penland Hunter, 91, died peacefully on Wednesday, October 2, 2019, after an extended illness.  She was born in Burnsville on January 23, 1928, she was a daughter of the late Bascom and Jennie Robinson Penland.  Doris was a lifelong resident in Burnsville until moving to Mt. Airy, North Carolina to be close to her daughters.  After graduating from Mars Hill College and Woman's College (UNC-G), Doris returned to Yancey County to teach public school music at Clearmont School.  There she met Edgar F. Hunter, Jr. and they married in 1951.  In spite of her refusal to include "obey" in her wedding vows, they shared a loving, committed marriage of 57 years, focused on faith, family, service, education, and community.  After devoting her time to homemaking, Doris taught in the Media Center at Mountain Heritage High School.  Her involvement in church and civic activities are too numerous to name.  Throughout her life, Doris' sunny, generous nature and genuine interest in people endeared her to all.  In addition to her parents, Doris was preceded in death by her husband, Edgar and beloved sister Vinita Robertson.  She is survived by her daughters and sons-in-law:  Janice Hunter Demcio and Bob, Marie Hunter Niland and Ron (Mt. Airy), Anne Hunter Eidson and Jonathan (Charlotte), grandchildren:  Amy Demcio Cox (Josh), Jennie Niland Kerley (Michael), Katie Demcio (Andy Jones), Ryan Niland (Carley), Josh Eidson, and Allie Eidson.  They, along with her 6 great grandchildren brought her much pride and joy.