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                July - September  2017
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                     Penland, North Carolina, 28765                    
Alicia Swaringen is the GGgranddaughter of Milton & Althea Penland, and a
  descendant of their daughter, Louise who married Colonel Isaac Baily (they built
   the Penland Post Office & general store) - recently shared the following:
                 Thank You Rebecca Davis
                           50 Years of Service!!

  On July 13, 1967, Becky began working at the Penland Post Office.   She was Carlene
    Bailey's clerk until 1979.   Then, she was the Officer in Charge for a year when Carlene
    went to work for the Post Office in Nebo.   On December 27, 1980, she was inducted as
    Post Master at Penland, where she has continued to work to this day.    Becky's great-
    grandmother, Harriet Hensley, was Penland's second postmaster in 1887, at a spot on
    Penland property that was called Penland Flat Rock.   Her husband, Saulamon was high
    sheriff of Mitchell County.   Her father, Aaron Burleson, who died in battle with Native
    Americans on the headwaters of Cane Creek, was an ancestor of Postmaster Albert S.
    Burleson, who served during the Wilson administration.   Becky has been an invaluable
    historian for Penland and over the years interviewed many of the elders in our
    community  and recorded their stories of the Post Office, some of which are on the web
    If you can, stop by the Penland Post Office & congratulate Becky and thank her for all
    her years of service!   You can also send her a card (or a pie) to 11 Penland Road,
    Penland, NC 28765.

    On August 14, 2017, The Penland Post Office Project welcomed Helen Egan onto the
    board of directors.   Her enthusiasm and experience will be a great asset to the
    hardworking board!   From left to right - Gloria Schlman - Secretary, Helen Egan, Jan
    Hamilton - Vice-chair, Marcia Bailey, not pictured are Alicia Swaringen, Suzanne
    Ford - chair, Carely Hedlund  - treasurer, Joanne Harmon & Donna Magnum.

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  Anne Penland, World War I - Nurse Anesthetist

[Anne Penland 1885 - 1976 was the daughter of William H. Penland (son of Milton Penland,
    whom the town of Penland, North Carolina was named after) and his wife, Mary Blair ]
   On Saturday, 16 September there will be a dedication of a state highway
  historical marker to honor the life and service of Anne Penland.     The
  ceremony will be held in the Lord Auditorium, Pack Memorial Library, in
  Asheville, NC. 
    "Shortly after the United States entered World War I in 1917, the Presbyterian Hospital
      was asked to send two surgical teams near the front to support the British attack on
      Western Belgium.   One of the teams used a nurse as its' anesthetist.   Major William
      Darrach, the team's surgeon and a future dean of P&S, told a British Colonel that Anne
      Penland was the most qualified in the group, even though the Colonel didn't think a
      nurse could physically hold down a large man while giving anesthesia.   One night
      more than 1,200 casualties came through the makeshift hospital and Miss Penland
      performed admirably.   Her achievements motivated the British to develop programs
      for nurse anesthetists.   Graduates later freed up more than 100 doctors for medical
      and surgical work during the war." (copied from "The Nurses Who Went to War" by Matthew
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  Samuel G.  Penland                     (1992 - 2017)
Samuel G. Penland, beloved son and brother, passed away unexpectedly on 
  Saturday, 29 June, in St. Louis, Missouri.   Sam was born on June 25, 1992 in South
  Bend, Indiana.   He is survived by his parents, Peg (Graham) & Greg Penland, and
  sister, Abby Penland, all of Granger, Indiana.  Sam was preceded in death by his
  grandmother, Helen Penland and his grandfather, John Graham.   He is also survived
  by his grandfather, Larry Penland and grandmother, Jerre Graham;  an Uncle, Dennis
  Penland;  and cousins, Kate, Maggie, and Anna Penland.   He was loved by many
  great-uncles, great-aunts, and other family throughout the Midwest.   Sam was a 2011
  graduate of Penn High School.
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  Wayelon Clifford Penland                   (1934 - 2017)  
Wayelon Clifford Penland was born on 12 January 1934, in Altus, Oklahoma and
  passed away on 17 August, 2017 in Plano, Texas.          
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  Anne Penland Folger Decker              (1925 - 2017)    Anne Penland Folger Decker passed away Sunday, April 23, 2017 at her home in    Ashland, Oregon.   Philanthropist, patron of the arts, and beloved citizen of Ashland since 1986, she is missed by her family and the community.  Anne was born October 14, 1925 in South Orange, New Jersey.   Since both of her parents had come from the south, Anne spent many happy summers in Asheville, NC with her extended family and carried their southern influence with her the rest of her life.   She attended Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC where she earned her bachelor degree.   Her first employment was with the Southern Regional Educational Board in Atlanta.   Her next move came when she accepted a position as an assistant to the Vice President of New York University and moved to New York City.   There, she met and married the love of her life, her husband, William Decker.   She went on to get both her Master's degree and PhD in Sociology at New York University.   Her professional life included working as a securities analyst at Francis I DuPont, overseeing the annual Voluntary Support of Education survey for the Council for Financial Aid to Education, and implementing the open admissions policy and remediation programs for underprepared students at Hunter College.   After successful professional careers, Anne and Bill retired to Ashland in 1986 where they found great satisfication as part of the community.   Her beloved Bill passed away in January 2000, but she continued to work tirelessly supporting educational and arts organizations throughout her life here.  In the last few years, Anne also spent a great deal of time compiling and transcribing her Aunt Anne Penland's journal, kept when she was stationed with the British Medical Service at the front lines in France from 1917 to 1919.   The result of her effort was the volume, "Anne Penland, Nurse Anesthetist in World War I."    Anne is survived by a brother and his family.   A celebration of her life was held at the Music Recital Hall on the Southern Oregon University campus on  13 May, 2017.
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