PHS  News  1 Oct  -  31 Dec  2011  
Grace Penland Renfro passed away Thursday, March 31, 2011.  Grace died on her 93rd birthday.  She was born March 31, 1918 in Bailey, Michigan and was married to  George Renfro on
31 March 1942 in Whitehall, Michigan.   George preceeded Grace in death on 6 March 2001.

Grace was the daughter of Frances Krauthaus and James Sanford Penland, son of Mary Ellen Kirk and William L. Penland, son of Elizabeth Gibbs and Alexander Penland.  
Alexander was the son of Annis Donnal and William Penland, 1742 - 1815.  Grace was the sister of Ruth Penland DeWitt, the mother of Milton DeWitt, who is the husband of the former Treasurer of our Society, Arlene DeWitt.
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The picture at left is of  John Harrison Penland and his son Ira Leslie,  John was an early settler in southwest Oklahoma, about 20 years before statehood.  Oklahoma at that time was known as "Indian Territory."   Two of his three brothers also came to Oklahoma at about the same time.  It is believed that they, and their nephew who came 14  years after statehood were the only Penland families in the state of Oklahoma.   Interestingly, these grandsons of the William Penland who first married Mary Casey were preceeded westward by some of their Grandfather William's children with Mary Casey who had migrated to the Missouri & Kansas area, years  earlier.
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OBITUARY:                        MICHAEL  THOMAS  DIXON
Michael Thomas Dixon, 64, of Fairview, passed away Sunday, June 12, 2011.   He was born in Transylvania County and was a son of the late Vincent Joseph Dixon and Juanita Grace Runion Cathey.   He is survived by his wife, Margaret Rose Penland Dixon;  Two sons, Steven Michael and Jan Bryan Dixon of Fairview;  his father-in-law, Bryan Penland of Asheville; one sister, Patricia Dixpn Perkins;  a niece, Julie Karen Huscusson;   great nieces, Brigitte
Carter,  Ceridwen Carter, Chloe Revis of Peachtree City, Georgia and two brothers-in-law,  Mack Huscusson of Andrews, NC and Kenneth Penland and his wife, Faye and niece, Ashley Paige Penland of Wilmington, NC.   As a young man, Michael attained the highest rank in Scouting, "Eagle Scout".   He was drafted into the Army and served in the Vietnam War, receiving four decorations for his service.   Later, he was a supervisor and personnel manager for the Ice Service Food Stores for more than thirty years.   His funeral service was held on 30 June at the Woodfin Baptist Church with burial in the Western North Carolina State Veterans Cemetery.

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  Burial Headstone for William H. Penland of North Carolina.  He was a PFC in the                                                       48th Infantry in World War I.
                 Janice Prosser Pastryk Passes Away
We have just been informed that former PHS member Janice Pastryk  passed away in February 2011.   She is survived by her husband .   Janice lived in Sawyer, Michigan.