1 July  -  30 September  2010 
Orange Park Fla. --  Nancy O'Brien passed away Sunday, June 13 after a brief illness.  She was one of those very rare and special individuals who touched many lives in a positive way wherever she went and made lasting impressions on everyone she met.  Nancy was born in the Hominy Valley community of Candler near Asheville, NC on 3 February, 1930.  She was a daughter of George Glenn Howell and Bonnie Lee ( Penland ) Howell, who both preceded her in death.  In addition, her oldest son, Michael Paul O'Brien; brother-in-law Melvin Steck of Irvine, CA; and recently sister-in-law Rosetta O'Brien, of Jacksonville, FL.; plus her brother Norman Howell of Middleburg, FL. have all preceded her in death.  In 1959 Nancy met and married Naval Meteorologist, Augustin Mike O'Brien, a native of Buffalo, NY.  Nancy was continually involved in various community and church related activities, and will be sorely missed.   She is survived by her husband of 54 years, her youngest son, Scott A. O'Brien of Jacksonville, FL., sisters-in-law, Constance Howell of Middleburg , FL. and Edith Steck of Irvine, CA.,as well as various cousins, nieces, nephews, and many friends.  Her Memorial Service was held on
17 June at the Orange Park Presbyterian Church.  Her ashes were interred with her mother and father at Francis Asbury United Methodist Church in Candler, NC.  
Penland  Historical Society, Inc.  is  25  Years  old                          On August 24th !!!
Can you believe it?  Twenty five years have passed since the PHS Founders met in North Carolina to organize the Penland Historical Society!   We continue their vision today by collecting genealogy information on Penland family members, documenting their accomplishments, following the gradual westward movement of some Penland families, and discovering the historical roots and history of the Pentland family in early Scotland and the Penland family in America since the mid 1600s.   Naturally, we have been saddened that some of our early members have passed away during these 25 years, but we are encouraged that several younger Penlands and associated family members have come forward to join us in our ' fact finding'  journey.   
Some exciting things are beginning to happen!  We have found some indication that the name "Pentland" may pre-date the Clans and have originated from the time of the "Picts" and the invasions of the Norsemen.  We are on the verge of proving that the William Penland who married Mary Casey in 1811 Tennessee also fathered the Penland children of a woman named Margaret several counties away, after his first family considered him to be dead!  That has been an enduring mystery for years.  We are finding many leads (sometimes confusing)  to the early Pentland / Penland family members who lived and died in the Monmouth, New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania areas.  Interestingly, one such lead is that a Matthew Pentland was in North Carolina as early as 1750.  So far there is no indication that he was related to the Penland family that produced William, Robert, George or Alexander.   New information, as we discover it, will help us expand the web-site for everyone to see.  However, we need more of you to help us find the 'buried history' in Census Records, Land Records and local birth & death records.

As we begin the next 25 years of our joint efforts to discover even more about our Pentland/Penland ancestors, let's all be vigilant for that new information.   One specific area where we need your help is with the names of Penland daughters and their children.   Many times when daughters marry, they and their children tend to get lost in their new family names, so we need YOU to let us have that information about your family! 

Looking toward the next 25 years, I'm excited, and I hope you are too, because I know that we will find more meaningful information about our ancestors.   We will find more about the ancient beginnings of the Pentland family in Scotland, and why they came to America!   By continuing to gather the correct information, we will eventually provide each member a family listing that will satisfy our individual desire to know where we came from.  At the same time it will give each of us a better understanding of how our family has contributed to the society in which we live. .......Charles Penland
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             William. Robert & George Family Listings
                        Updated to 8 generations!
One of my earliest contacts after becoming a member of the Penland   Historical Society, Inc.  was
Blanche Browder.  On the phone, I said to her that I had always  thought that if I could find out who
my GGGrandfather was,  I'd find the guy who came over on the boat!   Her reply to me was "Oh No you wouldn't!   She went on to say that Penlands were here by about 1650."   Think about that for a minute!
That was a mere 30 years, or so,  after the Mayflower came to these shores!    That means Penland
families were involved in the very beginning settlement of this country, and they were among the early settlers that moved into the frontier areas, such as North Carolina.  They served in the Continental
Military forces, they served in Militias fighting in such battles as "Kings Mountain,"  and they served in  various  positions of responsibility as the young nation was organizing, and expanding.

When I retired, my wife gave me a Family-Tree-Maker computer program {even tho I was basically
computer illiterate}.   From the beginning, I was fascinated with the idea that all Penlands might be
blood-related, so I began collecting names of Penland families, especially those printed in the PHS
Bulletins.   Over the past several years I have collected thousands of names and family information,
believing that some day it might be possible to actually fill out all of the limbs of the 'Penland Family
Tree'.    I soon discovered that many of the family listings I found were likely inaccurate & definitely
confusing!  Some claimed to descend from the wrong ancestors, some children were duplicates -- complicated even more by the tendency for families to use the same names for children every

The names listed in the family listings for William, Robert & George are the names I have collected.
They are similar in some ways to other lists that are floating around, but since no one has offered up
a listing,  I decided we really do need to purify each listing so that when we talk "family", we can all
LISTED{and I tell myself that I'm not that old}, HOPEFULLY, MANY MEMBERS WILL BE ABLE TO
each list and let me know about any errors in relationships you discover.   I will add the information to
the lists.  Send your corrections and any other info to me at  < >

NOTE:   The list for Alexander will be uploaded soon.  I do not have as many names for him.   Looking
forward to your assistance ...................Charles          
Richard Charles Cassius Penland { 1907- 2010 }
Citizen - Times,  Asheville, North Carolina....3 August 2010
Candler -- Richard C. Penland, 93, of Spaulding Drive, Candler, died on Monday, August 2, 2010, at the
                                                                                   F. Keever Hospice Solace Center.  A native of Buncombe
                                                                                   County, Mr. Penland was a son of the late Jud and Mattie
                                                                                   Penland.  He was also preceded in death by his brothers,
                                                                                   Ray, Joe and Ernest Penland.    Mr. Penland had retired
from American Enka .  He was a veteran of the U. S. Army, serving in World War II.  He is survived by his wife, Marilee Keener Penland, step sons, Ken, Russell, and James Jones; sister, Hazel Ivey of Elizabeth City, N.C.; and special little boy, Coon Rod. Richard was an Uncle to Elizabeth Ramsey, our PHS Member.   Interment was in the Cedar Hill Baptist Church Cemetery.  Memorials, may be made to CarePartners Hospice, P.O. Box 25338, Asheville, NC   28813. { the picture at left is Richard being visited recently by his Nephew William McKinnely Joseph Henry Penland, better known as "Jr."}
Have you ever wondered how the name Pentland (and now Penland) came to be?  Some have written that the name Pentland is simply another name for Pictland, and that it pre-dates the Clans.  Following is an account of how the Pentland Firth got it's name about a thousand years ago: 
              { P E N T L A N D }
  The derivation of the term "Pentland" is uncertain.   Blaeu, in his Geographical Atlas, gives the following tradition respecting the origin of the name.  The Picts, on being defeated by the Scots, fled to Duncans-Bay, whence they crossed over to Orkney, but meeting with opposition from the natives, they were forced to retire; and on their way back to Caithness, they all perished in the Firth, from which catastrophe it was ever after the Pictland or Pentland Firth.     Buchanan calls it "Fretum Penthlandicum" from one Penthus;  but who this Penthus was, he does not say.  It owes it's name most probably to some circumstance connected with the Picts.
{Quoted from "The Civil and Traditional History of Caithness from the 10th Century", by James
T. Calder}                                   
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NOTE: A chronological history of THE BARONEY OF PENTLAND has been added to our "Search for Penland Roots"  web-page.  The information was obtained from the National Archives of Scotland web-site.  It's interesting to note that the Barony of Pentland existed as far back as the 1200s -- and  was not something that was created in the 1800s as many seem to think.  The property (land) was apparently located in the area of Caithness, Orkney and the Shetland Islands which was occupied by the Picts.  The property and the title, "Barony of Pentland" was first given to the St. Clair family by Robert The Bruce in 1316.
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Joseph Barclay Pentland is the "Pentland" for whom a crater on the moon has been named,
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  As of 24 August 2010 all four family listings have been updated to include the eighth generation of descendants. The listing only includes the names I have in my files.  I ask each member and anyone else who has information about brothers and sisters who are not listed, relationship errors, Penland families not shown and any other information we ought to know about and include to please let me know about it as soon as possible at  < >  Thanks, Charles

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     While researching the early history of Scotland, Patrick Penland has discovered that there really was a Pentland Clan.  The picture to the left shows the "Clan Badge" of that time. (notice the simularities to the "Pentland Coat of Arms")   Now, the Clan is only listed as an 'armigerous clan'.   An armigerous clan is a Scottish clan, family or name which is registered with the Court of Lord Lyon and once had a chief who bore the original coat of arms, but does not have a chief currently recognized as such by Lyon Court.  Before 1745 all chiefs had arms;  however, not all of these are recorded in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland, which was only established in 1672.
     In Scottish heraldry the original coat of arms was only held by chiefs or heads of clans, families or names.  A clan is considered a "noble incorporation" because a clan chief is a title of honour in Scotland and the chief confers his or her noble status onto the clan.  Because armigerous clans do not have such chiefs, they are not recognized as noble communities and have no legal standing under Scots law.  Scottish clans have been around a long time (even before Christianity came to Scotland around 500 A.D.).  It may be reasonable to assume that the Pentland Clan held land in the Northern Highlands, when Robert the Bruce took it,  and gave it over to the Sinclair family in 1316.
  *     *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *                                  Thomas (Tom) Penland Dellinger
Huntsville, Alabama.....   Thomas (Tom) Penland Dellinger of Huntsville, Alabama died peacefully Saturday, August 28, 2010 surrounded by his family.   He was born in Asheville, North Carolina and grew up in the Gashes Creek area outside the city and attended Oakley School for ten years.  He
was preceded in death by his parentJ. Henry and Ruby E.  Penland Dellinger;  brother Bruce Dellinger, and sister, Norma D. Wilson.  Tom is survived by his wife of 54 years, Norma "Nonnie" E. Steedman Dellinger of Huntsville;  Daughter, Kelly E. Dellinger Rice and husband, S. Roger Rice, of Carlisle, Kentucky;  son Stanley "Stan" T. Dellinger and wife Margaret Hoskins Dellinger, of Priceville;  Grandchildren, Jennifer E. Rice, Andrew N. Rice, J. Garrett Dellinger, and Katherine E. Dellinger.  Tom was a graduate of  "Lee Edwards" High School in Asheville,  a graduate of San Diego City College and a graduate of San Diego State University.  He was a veteran of the Korean War serving four years in the  U. S. Navy as an Electronics Technican on ships in the Pacific Ocean.
He retired from NASA after almost thirty-five years of service.  He worked on the early manned launch programs, Apollo, Skylab, Spacelab and the Space Station.  He was a test engineer, supervisor, and manager  at the George Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, and was the Test and Verification Manager for the Space Station at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.  He retired from NASA in 1995.  Tom was a long time member of Lathman United Nethodist Church.
                                                 Marion  Calvin  Penland
Candler, NC............... Marion Calvin Penland, 49, went to be with the Lord on Saturday, September 4, 2010, surrounded by his loving family and friends.  He was the son of Leonard and Gayle Penland of Candler and the grandson of the late Cash and Kathleen Penland and the late Mack and Lulubell Thomas.  In addition to his parents, he is survived by his daughter, Amanda Morgan and her husband Paul, of Canton;  son, Tyler Penland of Canton;  and three grandchildren Austin (Double A) Avalon and Adisen Morgan;  a brother, Glenn Penland and his wife, Kristy, of Swannanoa;   two sisters, Shirley Smith and her husband, Danny, of Candler, Becky Holland and her husband, Todd, of Lincolnton;  and a special companion, Vamell (Carolina) Sutton of Sevierville, Tennessee;  Nieces and nephews, Chris, Melissa, Kathleen and Zachrey.  He was also blessed to have a large extended family.  Marion served his country in the U.S. Air Force from 1979 to 1983.  He was a dedicated serviceman who received many honors.  
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