Dear PHS Members  --  I'm  sorry that it may have seemed I have deserted my post for the past two and a half months!  My excuse is a long story of selling a home and moving into a new one half the size, to "down size"!    It's a story of a dying computer & it's replacement which has an operating system "light years" ahead of the old one.   Then discovering that the company that provides our web-site support has revised all the rules and procedures we now have to learn and use quickly!   Meantime, we have over 56 days of more than 100 degrees temperature!   { Welcome to South Texas!!!!}

  I think I mentioned earlier that I am essentially  a "rookie" on computer operations, but if I understand the rules, I can usually play the game!    Anyway, that is how I spent my "fun" summer!   I hope your summer has been stress free and happy!   If you see this on the site you will know I am making some progress.  

A big thank you to those of you who send me news items for our NEWS
section.   Please keep doing that, & anytime you see the name "Penland" and/or any related family member in the news.   Also, please consider sharing the following items with us to put on the web-site.   That will contribute to all of us feeling more like the large family we are:

                1.   Photos of family members who have/or are now serving in
                      the military forces.  Be sure to include names and periods
                      of service, plus any stories or comments you want

                2.   Stories about your early ancestors and their struggle to
                      possess the land, as they migrated to, or from, the
                      Carolinas south and westward.

                3.   Personal accounts of growing up on those early farms or
                      plantations.   Ask your grandparents, uncles & aunts and
                      other older relatives, or senior citizen neighbors to share
                      their stories or impressions of growing up in those early
                      days in America.

                4.   Any family reunion, graduation, birth, death, promotion, or
                      any notable contribuition to communiy or country
                      generates information that interests all of us. 

This past year we have lost several of our most senior members.   That means that the stories they could have told us are now lost forever.   Let's see if we can convince our elders to share their story so that our children and teenagers growing up now will have a sense of who they are, and where their family came from.

Wishing you a wonderful FALL season.....Charles Penland, President PHS

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Ruby Penland Parkerson passed away on January 12, 2011 of natural causes.   Mrs Parkerson was born December 9, 1909 in Gainesville, Georgia.   She lived most of her life in Atlanta, Georgia.  She was preceded in death by her husband,  John Thomas Parkerson, Sr., her son John Thomas Parkerson, Jr., and her grandson Lawrence R. Akin, IV.   She was a devoted wife and caring mother and grandmother.   Her greatest pleasure in life was loving and caring for her family.   She was a long time member of St. John United Methodist Church.   She is survived by her daughter, Laura Parkerson Akin and her husband Lawrence Akin, III;  Grandchildren:  Louann, John and Susan Akin, Laura An Akin Kirkpatrick, Charles and Joeleen Akin, Tom and Darleen Parkerson, III;  Lynn Parkerson and Don Harkleroad.   Great Grandchildren Michael and Erica Akin, David and Sarah Akin, Emily Akin, Ronnie Kirkpatrick, Stephen Kirkpatrick, Laura Clara Kirkpatrick, Bobbie Akin,  Charles Ryan Akin, Tom and Heather Parkerson, IV, Matt Parkerson, Lisa Parkerson, Jennifer Harkleroad, and Amanda (Harkleroad) and Benton Hilburn.   Great-Great-Granddaughter:  Riley Parkerson.   Graveside services were held on January 15, 2011 at Arlington Memorial Park.
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George W. Penland, 90 of Webster, NC died Wednesday October 5, 2011.   He was a native of Haysville, NC and graduated from Young Harris Junior College and Western Carolina University.   He was a veteran of World War II, serving in the Pacific.   George was a lifelong farmer and also worked in various positions with Jackson County Department on aging.  Both politics and poetry were of great interest to him throughout his life.

George was predeceased by his parents, Ernest and Margie Penland as well as his sister, Pauline Cowan, and his brother, Ernest Penland, Jr.   He is survived by his sister, Julia P. Dillenger of Cullowhee and numerous neices and nephews.   A Memorial Service was held at the Webster Methodist Church in Webster,  NC on Saturday, October 8.