Oct -- 31 Dec 2012
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Pictland  --  Pentland  --  Penland
In his book, SCOTLAND, The Story of a Nation,  Magnus Magnusson writes that Craig Phadrig was a major Pictish stronghold from the fifth century onwards.   Toward the end of the 6th century, one of the most powerful kings named in the Pictish king-lists was Bridei mac Maelchu {often called by the anglicised name 'Brude'}, and seemed to be an over-King of many local kingdoms.   These comprised the core of the realm of 'Pictland', or 'Pictavia'; this realm extended from around the Firth of Forth and covered the centre and north-east of Scotland as far as Orkney
( the name  for the sea  between Caithness and Orkney is the 'Pentland' Firth, which is a Norse word meaning 'Pictland').