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               Dr. Brittany (Penland) Lasseigne
                              Cancer Research
In the fourth quarter of 2013 we reported that Brittany (Penland) Lasseigne had received her Doctor's Degree in Biotechnology, Science and Engineering from the University of Alabama at Huntsville.   In her degree dissertation, Brittany described her research on finding a quicker way to identify kidney cancer.  Her research at that time resulted in a patent request for the method she developed to do it.   Upon her graduation she became a staff member of the HudsonAlpha Biotechnology Research Labratory, at the University.

On 18 April 2017, it was announced that Boeing Aerospace Company and it's employees are giving $150,000 to cancer research and a patient transportation program in Alabama.   The gift will support $100,000 in kidney cancer research at the University of Alabama HudsonAlpha Center for Biotechnology.   It also provides $50,000 for a patient transportation program.  The announcement went on to say, "In 2014, HudsonAlpha scientists identified a panel of biomarkers that are strong predictors of kidney cancer.    In 2016, UAB and HudsonAlpha identified gene changes associated with kidney cancer.   The goal now is to refine these biomarkers into a non-invasive test for kidney cancer and better monitoring of camcer's return and it's response to certain drugs.   HudsonAlpha's Dr. Brittany Lasseigne will perform the first experiments to investigate these biomarkers in fluids such as blood & urine."  {Brittany is the daughter of Patrick & Tawnya Penland of Schertz, Texas} 

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                                 Joe Pentland, the American Clown
  ( As you know, the name 'Penland' came into being after William, Robert, George &
   Alexander migrated to North Carolina & Kentucky during the 1700's  -  prior to that, the
   name was 'Pentland' as it was in Scotland.   These men had male relatives back home
   whose names did not change.  The following story is likely about a descendant of one of
   those relatives. )
  Joseph (Joe) Pentland was born in Boston in 1816 and rose to become a famous Clown
  and circus manager before he retired in 1871.   As a fourteen year old boy in 1830, he
  began his circus career as a 'balancer' (what we now call a juggler) in a circus owed by
  Aron Turner of Danbury, Connecticut and performed for seven years.   During that time,
  he learned rope-walking, singing, ventriloquism and clowning.   The next year, he added
  a song to his act called, "The Good Old Days of Adam & Eve."   In 1836, P. T. Barnum
  served as Treasurer and ticket taker for that circus (at $30 a month and 20% of the
  profits),   When Turner's company ended its season in Columbia, South Carolina in
  December 1836, Barnum hired Joe - they toured the south  until 1837.  Barnum described
  Pentland as being a capital clown, a celebrated ventriloquist, a comic singer, balancer,
  and legerdemain (i.e. magician) performer.  Barnum disbanded the troupe in Nashville,
  whereupon Joe hired some of the people for a company of his own, and he bought
  Barnum's wagons and horses.  This enterprise toured until June, 1838, when it too,
  closed.   The Kingston, Ontario, Chronicle said of him:  "Mr. Pentland, the clown, is the
  most irresistibly droll comic, eccentric, witty performer living.   He is the life and soul of
  the performance, and keeps the audience, particularly the juvenile portion of it, in a
  comtinual roar at his brilliant sallies and good humored countenance.'   In January, 1841,
  in Boston, Joe was given a benefit - a performance, the proceeds of which went to him.
  Benefits were a matter of contract granted to the more important members of a troupe.
  On this particular occasion he appeared seven times in the program.   He sang a comic
  song, juggled, appeared on the slack rope, and was clown to three of the horse acts.   In
  1842 he went to Europe with a circus owned by Richard Sands, the first time canvas tents
  were used there.  Upon his return, he performed with other circus's and eventually 
  retired in 1871.  (above based on a paper prepared by the Circus Historical Society) 
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        William Pentland & Margaret Murry (Murray) 
  The story is told that in 1211 AD, a man known as Jarl David of Orkney in Scotland (Jarl
   being the title of a territorial Chieftain - just below the King of Norway) and his wife
   whose name was 'Petlandi' (a Pict), sent their young son, William Petlandi south to
   Edinburg for his safety, as they feared war was about to happen in Orkney.   When
   William grew up, he married a young woman named Margaret Murry (Murray).   They had
   three sons, Adam, who became a Monk in Hollyrood Abbey,  Christian, who was Lord of
   a Castle near Kynel, and David who most believe was the ancestor whose descendant
   came to America before 1650.  That first Pentland is believed to be the probable ancestor
   of all Pentland's, Pendland's, Penland's and Pendlum's in America.  The exceptions may
   be Pentland's whose ancestors came during the 1800's to America and to Canada.

   Recently, I became aware of a genealogy for Margaret Murray!   I can not swear to it's
   authenticity or accuracy, but it provides an interesting glimpse into that time, so I am
   sharing it with you!   {my feeling is that information should not be withheld or suppressed
    waiting for absolute proof,  because most of us will be long gone before many things are
   totally proven}  This is what the listing contains:

    *  Margaret  Murray  b.  1220, Scotland  d.  1250 in Eastwood, Renfrewshire, Scotland
    *  (Father)  Baron William Murray of Bothwell  b.1200 in Bothwell Castle, Scotland d.1244
    *  (Grandfather)   Hugh Freskin (Moray) de Moravia  b.  abt. 1162  in Duffus, Moray,
       Scotland    d.  bef. 1222  in Duffus, Moray, Scotland
    *  (Great Grandfather)  William Freskin (Moray) de Moravia   b.  1139  in Duffus, Scotland
        d. 1204 in Duffus, Moray, Scotland
    *  (GG Grandfather)   Freskin (Moravia) de Moravia  aka Le Fleming    b.  abt. 1107 in
        Flanders, Belgium    d. in Duffus Castle, Duffus, Morayshire, Scotland 
    *  (GGG Grandfather)  Robert  (Flandre)  de Flandre, aka Robert II (Flandre)    b.  1065 in
        Belgium  d. 1111 in Meaux, Puy-de-Dome, Auvergne, France
   NOTE:   The accuracy of dates when dealing with genealogy information is usually not
   very reliable.   It appears that the date of birth of Margaret may be an example.   The
   document reveals that Margaret had a second husband, John Montgomery and they had
   four children born between 1235 & 1245 AD.   The only Pentland son listed is the younger
   son, David (along with the four Montgomery children).  Since the date of Margaret's
   death is listed as 1250, it seems likely that the two older Pentland sons may have left
   home by the time Margaret married John Montgomery.  If that is true, Margaret's actual
   date of birth may have been closer to William Pentland's - about 1200 AD.   It is not
   known when William died or where he was buried. { This genealogy listing was probably
   done for the Murray and/or Montgomery families, but it included Margaret's marriage to
   William Pentland and her son, David Pentland.   ...............................Charles Penland
                    *          *         *         *         *  
            The Davidson - Penland House
                  Located at:  1207 Postoffice Street, Galveston, Texas
             (This house has been declared a Texas Historical site & a 27" x 42" Marker is installed)
This hipped-roof, greek revival house features stairs leading up to a wide front porch supported by square columns.  Other features include a front door framed by sidelights and a transom, an ornate railing design, and paired double - hung windows.   Having survived a fire in 1885 and a storm in 1900, it is one of the oldest existing examples of it's kind in the east end district.  ...........extracted from a Texas Historical Commission document 

Between 1866 and 1868 this house was built by Captain John Davidson, an immigrant from Norway and an early Galveston settler.   In 1870, after the Captain died while trying to rescue a Pilot from a wrecked Bark (a vessel of some kind), the house was sold.   Two year's later it was sold again to Samuel Moore Penland, a native of Alabama who served in Galveston during the Civil War and settled in the city afterward.   Addressed as Major Penland because of his tenure in the Texas Volunteer Guards, he was also an auctioneer, businessman and customs official.   Penland also served as an original trustee of the Galveston Orphans Home.  He donated a number of Sam Houston's artifacts and his own collection of letters of other famous individuals to the Galveston Rosenberg Library.
{Major Penland was born in Somerville, Morgan County, Alabama on 6 June 1845 and died on 10 February 1922.  He was the grand nephew of Sam Houston on his mother's side.
His mother Phoebe Moore, from Tennessee was a niece of Sam Houston - the first child of Houston's youngest sister Elisa, who had married Samuel A. Moore in June of 1821.  Penland's father was Noble Alexander Penland (sometimes listed as Alexander Noble), from an old Scottish family who came to the Colonies (New Jersey), to begin with, in the 1600s, then Deleware and eventually North Carolina. "This Mr. Penland may have been that secretary to Governor Sam Houston, of the same name, who prevented the ringleaders of a secret political club opposed to Houston from entering the capitol in 1860 and urged him to carry a gun".   Certainly when Sam Penland was just 14, he and his mother alone were living in Huntsville, Alabama according to the 1860 U.S, Census. 
Sam Penland lived in Galveston possibly before as well as during and, again after the Civil War.   In Galveston, at some point Penland may have worked as a builder, according to a letter to his famous great-uncle, General Houston in which he indicated "his boys" would be able to renovate a house in which Houston was interested that may have been owned by Nancy Lea, the mother of Houston's second wife Margaret.   "During the Civil War Penland was initially stationed in 1863 at Galveston.   At age 17, in October 1863, Penland had enlisted at Walker County, Texas as a Private in Company E, 4th Infantry, Texas State Troops and was immediately detailed to the Confederate Army's Signal Corps as a Signal Operator, a position he held until the War ended".   Paroled on 28 June, 1865, in Houston, Sam briefly attended Austin College in Dallas, becoming a member of the newly created men's honorary Phi Kappa Sigma in the same year.   By 1868, Penland was clerking for Arnold & Brothers in Galveston. }
NOTE:   The above information was extracted from the Texas Historic Marker application from December of 2011.
        *          *         *         *          *      
  Josephine A. Penland               (1921 - 2017)
   { The Angels whispered as she rested, "Josephine, it's time to go, time to go home!" } 
  Josephine Aline (Landers) Penland 95, of St. Joseph, MO passed away peacefully, Friday
  March 31, 2017.   Josephine was born December 19, 1921, the youngest child of Jasper
  M. and Lillie May (Law) Landers.   She grew up and lived her entire life in the southside 
  of St. Joseph, just two doors up from where she was born.   Josephine, wife, mother,
  grandmother and great grandmother, spent her life as a homemaker, caring for her 
  family and loved visits from them and seeing the little ones.   She had an expressive
  reading voice, especially to children, reciting poems of her childhood from memory.   
  She loved to sing the old gospel songs, watching birds, gardening and camping, and 
  her flowers.   She was a lifetime member of the R.L.D.S. Church, attending the St. Joseph
  Restoration Branch, when her health permitted.   Josephine married Marion H. Penland 
  on December 27, 1945, after his return from the military.   He passed away in 1969.   In
  addition to her husband and parents, she was preceded in death by:  sisters, Myrtle
  Kinnamon and Ethel Penland;  brother, Mose Landers;  five infant siblings;  and one
  infant great grandchild.   She is survived by six children, Jasper (Pat) Penland and
  Elnora Penland, both of Savannah, Lillie (Sam) Church, Gower, Missouri; Timothy (Angie)
  Penland, Osborn, Missouri;  Willis (Pam) Penland and Mark Penland, of the home;
  fourteen grandchildren, 27 great grandchildren, with a new baby girl expected in May,
  and a great great grandchild.
    {While we were saying goodbye, other loved ones in Heaven were saying, "Welcome
      Home".   'The chain has come full circle,' once again. }  
         *          *         *          *          *
  Margaret Pauline Garren Penland    (1931 - 2017)
  Margaret Pauline Garren Penland, 85, passed away peacefully to rejoin her family in
  Heaven on Sunday, April 23, 2017 at the Memorial Campus of Mission Hospitals.   A
  native and lifelong resident of Buncombe County, she was born May 24, 1931 to the late
  Benjamin Edgar and Avis Irene Patton Garren.  She was preceded in death by her
  husband, Samuel Frank Penland;  step son, Samuel Frank Penland, Jr.;  and her sister,
  Bertha Ann Burkhart.   Mrs. Penland was an original "Mission Bell" graduate and 
  she worked as a registered nurse with the Charles George V.A. Medical Center, Dr. Jack
  Powell and other Asheville Physicians.   Her professional calling in life as a nurse carried
  over into every aspect of her personal life, as she was a caregiver to all those she loved.
  Surviving are her brother, Benjamin Franklin Garren of Candler;  brother-in-law, George
  Burkhart of Norfolk, VA; sister-in-law and best friend, Hazel Penland of Asheville; many  
  nieces, nephews, great grand nieces, great grand nephews, extended family and several
  lifelong friends.
             *            *          *           *           *
  Billy Joe "Jody" Penland                  (1953 - 2017)
 Billy Joe Penland age 64, a resident of Cleveland passed away Saturday April 29, 2017 in a
 local hospital.   He was the son of the late Joe Penland and Christine Marie Ownby.  He
 was also preceded in death by his grandparents, James and Leland Helton.   Jody was
 retired from Cargill Manufacturing in Chattanooga with over 30 years of service where he
 worked maintenance on a barge.   He was a member of West Cleveland Baptist Church.
 He is survived by his son Joey Penland and his wife Christa of Cleveland, his daughter
 Jessica Judd of Cleveland, his brother Ervin Gene Ownby and his wife Kathy of Cleveland,
 his sisters Diane Hannifin and her husban Jim of Memphis and Karen Brady of Cleveland,
 grandchildren, Barrett Bowling, Kierstan Penland and Jackson Judd, aunt and uncle
 Harry and Deanie Richardson along with several other aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and
            *           *          *            *          *  
UPDATE:  In the July / September 2016 NEWS we told you about Sean Whitney, a student at Texas A&M University!   This is the latest information about him.  
Sean Gabriel Whitney will proudly be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the USAF on 12 May 2017.   A day later, he will graduate from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering - Cum Laude, with a Minor in Mathematics.   Lieutenant Whitney will report to Vance Air Force Base in Oklahoma on 2 June to begin Pilot Training.   Later, In August, he will receive a Master of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Texas A&M.  In addition, Sean was just named as the Southwestern Region award winner from Sigma Gamma Tau (SGT), the national aerospace engineering honor society.     {Sean is the son of Cole & Cathy (Penland) Whitney of Murphy, Texas and the grandson of Vernon & Connie Penland of Wonder Lake, Illinois} 
    *           *            *            *             *
Dawn Bishop Penland                  (1959 - 2017)
Dawn Bishop Penland, age 58, of Chandler, NC passed away on June 7, 2017 after a five month  battle with brain cancer.   Dawn was born in Key West Florida and as a "Navy Brat" she lived in various places around the world before settling in Candler in the 1970's.   Dawn was preceded in death by her father, James F. Bishop and Grandparents Clifford and Catherine Austin.   She is survived by husband, Charles Penland;  daughter, Jennifer Billings, her husband Denny, and their daughters:  Mia, Hallie, Morgan and Madilane;  daughter, Samantha Williams, her husband Dasniel and their daughters:  Cheyenne, Charity and Candace;  step daughter Julie Reynolds (Chris) and her son, Alex as well as step daughter Yvonne Ferguson (Russell) and their children, Haley and Kaden.   Also surviving is her mother, Beverly Austin of Candler, NC as well as an aunt, nieces, and several cousins.   Dawn was full of life and loved by many.   She always had a smile on her face and a cheerful word for everyone she met.   Dawn loved gGined her many friends during her short time on earth and her June, 2017 at Cedar Mountain Baptist Church.  
              *          *          *          *          *
 Donna Marie Barnes-Penland             (1956 - 2017)
Asheville, NC...........Donna Marie Barnes-Penland, 61, of Asheville, passed away Monday, June 12, 2017 at Stonecreek Nursing Home in Asheville.   Donna was preceded in death by her husband, Kevin Penland.   Surviving Donna is her father, Daniel W. Barnes of Hendersonville, NC;  her mother, Marie H. Ray and husband, Broskey Ray of Weaverville, NC;  Sons - Toby S. Hensley and wife, Silvia of Weaverville, NC;  Johnathan A. Thomas and wife, Jessica of Marion, NC;  daughter, Kerrie M. Thomas of Fairview, NC;  brothers:  Douglas C. Barnes and wife, Pat of Soluda, NC;  and Dana Barnes and wife, Andrea of Hendersonville, NC;  sister, Ginger Marsetter and husband, Mike of Hendersonville, NC;  grandchildren:  Amel N. Hensley of San Antonio, TX,  Makala B. Hensley of San Antonio, TX,  Damien A. Hensley of San Antonio, TX,  Patrick S. Hensley of Weaverville, NC, Gracelyn Thomas of Marion, NC,  Lily M. Thomas of Marion, NC,  Taliyah Thomas of Fairview, NC,  Kaiden Thomas of Fairview, NC and Daidrien K. Ware.  {Funeral services were held on 16 June, 2017 at the Chapel of Asheville, NC. Area Alternative.}