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Mike "Pappy" Penland -- Point Man on $2.5 Million USAF Project
In 2005, the Base Realignment and Closure Committee (BRAC) directed that 113 of the Air
Force's newest F-35 Joint Strike Fighters be based at Eglin AFB in North Western Florida by
]2016.   Senior civilian and  military officials have, for some time,  been concerned that the
increasing number of civilian and military flights  in the area are continuing to grow rapidly.  
In fact, by 2014 the number of take offs and landings at Eglin alone,  will total about 427,000,
more than doubling their air operations during the recent year of 2005.  Major air traffic
increases like these are sure to create serious delays both in the air and on the ground, in the
future.  Mike Penland is Eglin's Air Armament Center Point-Man for the Gulf Regional Airspace
Strategic Initiative (GRASI).   He has been personally  briefing senior civilian and military officials
in Washington, D. C., the FAA and many State,  City and local Community Officials about the
problem and possible solutions.   The thrust of the initiative is to solve the airspace congestion
problem which will require some modifications to current FAA policies and procedures.   Final
reccomendations are expected by December 2010.  Mike Penland is a former Squadron
Commander at Eglin, and is now a retired military officer serving as a civilian employee with the
Air Munitions Center at Eglin.
Volunteers Earn Governor's Recognition for Good Deeds
Four Clay County residents were recently honored with the North Carolina Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service.  The annual award is presented by the Governor at an awards ceremony at the end of the year.   Earning recognition this year were Clay and Joyce Galloway, Kathy Cottrell and Emily Teems.   The award recipients were nominated for the award and were also recognized at the Community Awards dinner on January 26.

"Congratulations on your Award," former Governor Mike Easley said in a letter to recipients.   "You have joined a distinguished group of more than 15,800 volunteers in North Carolina who have received this honor since 1979.
(Joyce & Clay Galloway)                                            Years of Service
Clay and Joyce Galloway have dedicated more than 16 years to the Meals on Wheels program.   "They truly love to see people on their route each week," said Senior Center Director Kathy Tant and Nutrition Site Manager Marie Rice.   "They both have a very kind, gentle and friendly personality that radiates warmth and caring to all they meet."  In their nomination, Tant and Rice  said the Galloways still drive a 50 mile route every week, despite being 78 years old.   "They leave the client feeling cared about at each visit," Tant and Rice said.   "Their long-standing commitment, despite personal challenges, exemplifies their leadership ability and inspires many other volunteers not to give up."   In addition to delivering meals to home-bound elderly clients , Meals on Wheels volunteers also look out for any problems or needs.   The Senior Center Staff can follow-up on those needs with family or the appropriate agency.    [This article written by Lois Tomas, Senior Staff Writer & published in the February 5, 2009 issue of the Clay County Progress.]
                                                                  FLASH !!!
Some time ago, a suggestion was made that a genealogy DNA test  ought to be performed to verify what we have long suspected - that the Penland ancestors originally came from Northern Scotland.  There is a test for paternal ancestors that contains 44 so-called 'markers'.  Only males have Y-DNA and they pass it on to every male they sire.  [every male Penland has the same Y-DNA marker] Your President volunteered to be the "Guinea pig" and his DNA sample has already been sent to the Lab.    The Test Kit indicates that 18 separate groups of people have been identified around the world as "Y-DNA  Haplogroups."  Ours is probably Haplogroup R.   This group of ancestors was founded in northwest Asia approximately 30,000 years ago and migrated into Europe.   DNA experts say that, "hidden deep in every person's DNA, is the breathtaking story of the perilous journey our ancestors embarked on thousands of years ago, leaving Africa, conquering grave obstacles, and populating the world.  Now by unlocking the secrets in our DNA, you can unearth the greatest story of all time, and trace your paternal ancestry back to the origins of your ancient roots."   The results will be posted for all to see as soon as they are received!  It will be interesting to see if the 'Picts' (the so-called "painted people") who populated the extreme northern highlands of Scotland for many years, show up in our DNA as some believe.
Thomas &Janie Penland Return From Antarctic                               Expedition
Retired Teachers Thomas & Janie Penland recently enjoyed a nine-day trip to  Antartica where they enjoyed many sights such as icebergs, glaciers, Penquins, Seals and Whales.   They spent nine days cruising and landing by zodiak boat on the continent of Antarctica.  After visiting Buenos Aires and Tierra Del Fuego in Argentina, South America, they crossed the Drake Passage to Antarctica, on February 3, on a French ship Le Diamant.   After recovering from sea-sickness on board ship, they made eight shore landings where they hiked on shore, glaciers and volcanoes to see many types of Penquins, Seals and Whales.   They heard many loud sounds as icebergs calved from glaciers, floated and after awhile, continously rolled over in the sea.  The ship was finally turned back by the iceberg blockage and 40 knot winds in the Lamaire  Channel.   Their "very little" free time was taken by lecturers and entertainers on ship.  One experirence to be rememberd was joining the Antartic Polar Plunge Club by swimming in 2 degree Celsius water at Pendulum Cove on Deception Island.   Thomas and Janie have three more continents to complete their goal of adventure travel in all seven continents.   From 1991 to 1998, they completed their  goal  of camping in all 50 states and all 10 provinces and two territories of Canada.   Thomas & Janie are retired teachers of Clay County  Schools in North Carolina.  Thomas Penland drescends from Robert Penland, through George, Harvey Monroe, Charles Newton and  Silvey Penland.
Patrick Penland Wins Bicycle Race
On 7 March, Patrick Penland won a bicycle
race in San Antonio.  His sons, Connor(16) &
Nathan (20) came in 5th and 6th respectively.
Pat said he kept waiting for someone to pass
him but it didn't happen!  He was especially
elated that, at age 45 he was able to show
the younger racers that the "old man could
still do it"!   Patrick (on the left in the picture)
celebrates his victory with a fellow team
member who also won his race in another race
category.   The race was for about 11 miles in 30 minutes around a track about a city block square.