1 October  --   31 December   2012.

WHO WERE THE PICTS?   In his book, SCOTLAND, The Story of a Nation,  Magnus Magnusson writes that 'Picts' ('picti' --- painted ones) was simply the Roman nickname for the tribal descendants of the indigenous Iron Age tribes of northern Scotland.   Anna Ritchie, in Picts  (Historic Scotland, 1989), puts it this way:   "The Picts were Celts.  Their ultimate ancestors were the
           people who built the great stone circles like Calanais on the
           Isle of Lewis in the third millennium BC in Neolithic times,
           and the brochs in the early Iron Age from about 600 BC to
           AD 200.   We have no evidence of any major invasions of
           Scotland after the initial colonization by farming peoples
           soon after 4000 BC --- there seems to have been very little
           fresh blood coming in during the Bronze Age."   
Magnusson writes that in 297, one of the most famous names of the north appears in the documentary record -- the Picti, the warlike painted people who are still considered one of the great enigmas of early Scotland, with a kingdom which stretched from north of the Firth of Forth to the Moray Firth and beyond.
          These people of the northern parts of Scotland, whom the
           Romans had not been able to subdue, were not one nation,
           but divided into two, called the Scots and the Picts;  they
           often fought against each other, but always joined together
           against the Romans, and the Britons who had been subdued
           by them.
Towards the end of the sixth century, one of the most powerful kings named in the Pictish king-lists was King Bridei mac Maelchu, often called by the anglicized name of 'Brude'.   He seems to have been the over-king of many local kingdoms which comprised the core of the realm of 'Pictland', or 'Pictavia";  which extended from around the Firth of Forth and covered the centre and north-east of Scotland as far as Orkney (the name of the sea between Caithness and Orkney {northern tip of Scotland} is the 'Pentland' Firth, which is a Norse word meaning 'Pictland').   As we all know the name Pentland became Penland
in America!      ...................................................................Charles Penland
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                                                                                                             Pvt. Tyler Steczkowski achieved a long-time goal on
                                                                                                              7 December 2012 when he graduated from basic                                                                                                                         training with the U.S. Marine Corps in San Diego,
                                                                                                              California.   There to see him graduate were his proud
                                                                                                              parents, John & Rhonda (Penland) Steczkowski from
                                                                                                              Austin, Texas, both sets of grandparents from San
                                                                                                              Antonio, Texas;  Arthur & Martha Steczkowski &
                                                                                                              Charles & Phyllis Penland, plus his Uncle and Aunt,
                                                                                                              Michael & Kimberly Penland, from Alexandria,
                                                                                                             Virginia.   Tyler is home for Christmas and will return
                                                                                                             to San Diego in early January for Infantry Training, and
                                                                                                             then to Pensacola, Florida for training as an  Air Traffic
  *   *                                                                                                      Controller.

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Sadly, I have just been informed that  Judith Ann (Judy) Penland passed away during the first week of December.  Most of you know that Judy has served the Society as Treasurer for several years.  She was always helpful when anyone had a question or needed help in finding Penland family information.  She will be missed greatly by all of us!   Her passing was reported in 'The Republican' newspaper in  Hayesville, NC:
             Judith Ann Pinney Penland, born in Springfield, MA to the late Harold R. and
             Loma B. (Frost) Pinney.   She died at her home in Hayesville after a lengthy
             illness.   A Memorial Service was held on Saturday, December 8, 2012 at the
          . Towson-Rose Funeral Home Chapel of Hayesville. 
We extend our condolences, love, and prayers to Judy's family ........................Charles Penland, Pres. PHS