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The "Penland Family" of America is, we believe, a unique group of people, who
may very well be blood-related to a single couple who lived in Scotland over
a thousand years ago.  Apparently, the "Penland / Pentland" roots go back to
Northern Scotland, and possibly to the Norsemen "Jarls" who first came
to rule the northern coasts of Scotland before 1,000 A.D.   Some believe
that the "Pentlands" were the original scots who pre-dated the Clans and
that they were originally, "Pictlands" !   The Pentland Hills, the Pentland Forth and Firth
were named after them.   In Scotland, the name "Pentland"  may first have been Petland, and then Petlandi.   When the first immigrant from this line came to America, the name was "Pentland".    We know that the first Pentland immigrant to America was here in the mid 1600s.  Three or four generations later, the name became "Penland" and many, if not most people, named Penland in America today can trace their ancestry back to three Penland brothers who settled in the North Carolina frontier, and another brother, or cousin, who moved on to Kentucky, prior to the War for Independence.  As far as we know, other
Pentlands imigrated to Nova Scotia & Canada, and have continued to use Pentland
as their last name.   

Many of us have been working independently for several years trying to
research the "genealogical roots" of our own individual family's and the entire
Penland family in America.   With this web site, and sharing our information with
each other, we hope to create a family listing that each family can use to
discover their place on the "Penland Family Tree".   Our first primary objective
is to create "accurate" family lists for the four ancestors named herein.  Many
of you have bits and pieces of family information that will help us to achieve that
goal!    By combining our information and having a central place to compare
it,  we will all benefit, and hopefully, better understand "where we came from".

Today, the name "Pentland" in Scotland is used on many  businesses and
on many landmarks such as the Pentland Firth, the Pentland Hills, the village
named "Pentland", etc.  During the 1900s, there was a "Lord John Pentland"
whose real name was John Sinclair.    He inherited the title from his father and
was known most of his life as "Lord John Pentland".   How did the Pentland
name get used in these instances?   Did the Sinclair family receive the
title , "Lord Pentland"  thru a transfer of property from the "Pentlands" as
some believe?  Most of us would normally conclude that the name came
into such use because of a person of note, or a prominent family named  "Pentland".
One recent reply to our query about the subject,  evoked a reply from Scotland
stating that they just don't know why it's used as it is, nor do they know where it
originated!   They know nothing today about any such prominent Pentland family,
yet there are many Pentland families living in Scotland.   It may be because
the name originally came from a time many, many years ago!   We hope to explore
some of these questions and the several interesting "stories" told about use of the
name "Pentland."
We invite you to join us as we continue to search for information about our
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             NOTE:   This is a new web-site and it will grow as we participate
                            by our sharing information with each other.
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