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The name "Pentland" in Scotland / America
The name "Penland" in America:
-  Penland Point - on Lake Chatuge,  Elf, Clay County
-  Penland Island -- in lake Chatuge, Clay County, North Carolina
-  Penland Lake - Near Heppner, Oregon
-  Penland Gap - in Macon County, near Franklin, North Carolina
-  Penland Cove - in Cherokee County, Murphy, North Carolina
Penland Ball --  on Clay and Macon County line in North Carolina
-  Penland Dormitory --  at Morehead School for the Blind, Raleigh, North
-  Penland Senior Citizen's Building - Murphy, North Carolina
-  Penland House -- [Boarding House of the 1800s] in Mitchell, County, North
-  Penland, North Carolina    28765 -- Post Office  ---   Located in Mitchell
   County in the Blue Ridge Mountains, not far from Asheville.

-   Penland School of Crafts   ---  An international center for craft education, located in the
     Blue Ridge Mountains at Penland, North Carolina,
-  Penland Residence Hall, Baylor University   ---   Named in honor of George Harvey
    Penland who was credited with helping save Baylor University for the city of Waco, Texas.
    [Many years ago, there was an effort to move Baylor to Dallas.]
-  Penland Lake   ---   Located 28 miles south east of Heppner, Oregon near Umatilla National
    Forest.   It is at an elevation of 4,950 feet above sea level.
-  Streets/Roads named "Penland"  in  ---   Asheville, NC;  Canton, NC;  Clyde, NC;
   Franklin, NC;  Moyock, NC; Ellijay, Georgia; Dallas, Texas;  Baggs, Wyoming;
   Riverdale, Georgia; Marietta, Georgia; Hidden Hills, California; Penland Pkw Drive,
   Philomath, Oregon; Benton, Arkansas;  Huntsville, Alabama;  Penland Drive in
   Clemmons, NC;  
   {NOTE: In Asheville, North Carolina there is a street named "Pentland Hills
   Drive" (and PHS member Talmage Penland lives on it.) Also, a creek named
   Penland Creek.
- Penland Memorial Chapel   ---   Penland Memorial Chapel is located in the
   Baylor University Hospital in Dallas, Texas.  It is named in honor of Mrs Sarah
   Caroline (Truett) Penland, mother of George Harvey Penland, and sister of Dr.
   George W. Truett,  who was the long time Pastor of First Baptist Church in
   Dallas, Texas.
-  Penland Hall, Men's dormitory on the Campus of Baylor University, Waco,
   Texas.  Named in honor of George Harvey Penland.
-  Penland, Texas   --   Located in Grayson County, Texas   Zip Code is 75021
   [this town was likely named after the  John Alexander Penland family (son of
   Harvey Monroe Penland and Patience Moore)  who migrated there in 1889 from
   North Carolina]
-   Penland Cemetery -- Horton Creek, Paint Gap, Yancy County, North Carolina
-  Penland Cemetery  -- Oregon
-  Raymond Penland Family Cemetery - on Maney Branch, NC
-  Penland Family Cemetery -- On School Road, Asheville, North Carolina
-  Cooper - Penland Cemetery  --  Huntsville, Alabama
-  Conley - Penland Cemetery, Macon County, North Carolina
-  Penland Cove  --  is a valley in the state of Tenneessee (County of
   Cherokee), located at latitude - longitude coordinates (alsi known as lat-long
   or GPS coordinates) of N 35.04064 and W 84.04796.   Penland Cove is shown in
   the center of the topographic (topo) map, which is sourced from the United
   States Geographical Organization
-  Penland Tree Farm -- A Christmas Tree Farm  located in York, South
   Carolina, owned by Steve & Judy Penland.   Visitors are welcome (but do call
   ahead) -- you can choose-and-cut the tree you want!
-   Penland Farms --  Located in Stoneboro, in western  Pennyslvania -- They
   raise American Quarter Horses.   They are concentrating on finding good barrel
   racing lines of horses to develop.   
-  'The Penland Bald' -- a 5,000 foot mountain in the Blue Ridge near the Macon
   County line & Georgia close to the Nantahala river.
-  'The Old Penland House" in Bakersville, Mitchell County, NC  (now known as
   Young's Hotel)
**William Penland, an early settler in Oregon named the City of 'Lexington',
      Oregon after his home town of Lexington, Kentucky.  The Post Office was
      established there in 1885

*  The Pentland Firth---- A wild body of water that separates the Orkney Islands from
Caithness in the north of Scotland.  The name is presumed to be a corruption of
"Pettland's Firth, the fjord of ancient Pictland.   Orkney and Caithness are the northern
area where many believe the Pentland family name originated, and the family owned

*  The Pentland Hills ---- A range of hills to the south-west of Edinburgh, Scotland.  The
range is around 20 miles in length, and runs south-west from Edinburgh towards 'Biggar'
and the upper 'Clyde Valley'.   A very popular place for hiking and walking. (Why they were named "Pentland" hills is not known)

*  The Pentland Moon Crater----Located near another crater named 'Manzinus D', an
impact crater 56 kilometres in Diameter.  Manzinus D is named for Carlo Manzini (1599 -
1677) who was an Italian philosopher and astronomer.   Pentland crater is named for
Joseph Barclay Pentland (1797 - 1873) who was a 19th century Irish politician, explorer
and geographer.

*  Pentland Village -----  A small village near Edinburgh, Scotland today.   The location of the original Pentland Village is not far away.  The famous Roslin Chapel is also not far away, and at one time some thought it occupied the land where the original Pentland Village once stood.  The Chapel was under the authority of Holyrood Abbey and Augustinian Monks about 1128.  Adam Pentland was a Monk in Holyrood Abbey  about that time.  The old parish of Pentland was owned by the St. Clairs (Sinclair) and eventually was sold to the Gibson family in 1633.  It had been given to Sir Oliver St. Clair of Roslin.  Sir John St. Clair, his son, became the Dean of Restalrig, Bishop of Brechin and Lord President of the Court of Session.  In July of 1565 he married Mary Queen of Scots and Darnley.

*  1666 Pentland Rising ----- In 1638 a large group of ministers and members of the
Presbyterian church in Scotland signed a National Covenant opposing the interference
of the Stuart Kings in the affairs of the Presybertarian Church.  (The Kings insisted they
were the 'Head of the Church' -- The covenators said, "only Jesus Christ is the Head of
the Church".)  On 28 November 1666 at Rullion Green, at the edge of the Pentland Hills, a 'covenanter' group of 800 was met by a force of about 3,000 soldiers of the king.  About
400 of the Coventers were killed and many others imprisoned --- others were hung. 
Today, at that site, there is a memorial to the Covenanters who died in that battle.

-  Pentlandite ----  A yellowish-brown nickle iron sulfide that is the principal
ore of nickle.   The luster is metallic and the color yellowish bronze.  Pentlandite is found in various localities in small amounts, but its chief occurrence is at Sudbury, Ontario, where it is mined.   Important deposits are also mined in Manitoba and in Australia.   It was named 'pentlandite' after Irish scientist, Joseph Barclay Pentland. Scotland
-    Pentland Ferries --  A boat ferry service to cross the Pentland Firth to the
    Orkney islands in northern Scotland.
-    Pentland Hills Islantic Stud Horse Farm - Windy Growl Farm, Carlops Penicuik,    
    Midlothian, Scotland            
  The  Pentland  Name  In  America
-    Pentland Road - located in Menges Mill, Pennsylvania 
-    Pentland School - Romeo, Michigan
- Pentland Township  ---   is located in Luce County, Michigan
-   Pentland, Deleware
-    Pentland, Pennsylvania
-    Pentland Avenue, Pittsburg, PA
-    Pentland Road, Lynn Haven, Florida
-    Pentland Hills Drive - Asheville, North Carolina
-    Pentland Place,  Coraopolis, Pennsylvania 


   NOTE:   There is an unincorporated community in Kern County California named "Pentland" - locatedRailroad about 2,5 miles of Maricopa.