Penland  Family  Listings
We know that four Penland men (William, Robert, George & Alexander) settled in North Carolina in the mid 1700s.   Many people believe that they were brothers.   However, recent DNA Tests on male Penlands claiming them as ancestors have revealed that George & Alexander did, in fact, have the same biological father - but more research is necessary to determine the relationships to William & Robert.   We know that Alexander moved on to Kentucky and that some of his descendants changed their name from Penland to Pendlum!   

Every Penland we have found so far, traces back to those four Penland men in North Carolina, and because of that, and the belief that they were brothers, or very closely related, it is very possible that every Penland in America is blood related family members.   Over the years, descendants of those four men have slowly spread across the country.   For example, in the mid to late 1800s four families from the same ancestor migrated to Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas & Missouri.   In 1921 another family from that same ancestor moved to western Oklahoma.   Later, several members of the family in Kansas & Missouri moved further west to California, so, at one time these Penlands from eastern Tennessee accounted for most of the people named Penland in those states.

The Family listings for William, Robert, George & Alexander are presented in the hope that they will be of assistance to anyone/everyone who is searching for their Penland ancestors.   We know they are not 100% accurate, but we hope that anyone who knows of, or has more accurate information will let us know of it.    As we discover more accurate data we will update the files.   So, if you see errors, people attached to the wrong family, etc. please forward your information  to:   < >